An Organic Energy Soup Recipe For Survivalists

If you have a food dehydrator you can dehydrate soup. Here is a recipe for making a soup that can be poured into a dehydrator, dehydrated and then cut into chunks and put in a bug out pack so that you can travel.



The key is to make the soup ahead of time and then blend it into a paste.  Get your food processor and inside it place —



Five Cups of baby green sprouts like wheat grass or alfalfa (these are the greens that are full proteins)


One to two cups of bean sprouts including mung, lentil and green peas


A whole avocado  (this helps give the dehydrated soup body and flavor and helps the body to absorb minerals)


A whole apple (contains digestive enzymes that help make the rehydrated soup more digestible)


Three tablespoons of seaweed ( seaweed has natural iodine and potassium and most varieties have over sixty minerals and trace minerals.


One clove of garlic to help nourish the immune system


A  half a cup of raw nuts that have been ground to a powder (these contain healthy fats for the brain)


Leafy greens like Kale, collard, watercress and parsley to add vitamins and keep you healthy


If the soup is too salty and needs a bit of sweetness you can add a bit of honey, brown rice syrup or agave sweetener



It is recommended that you make this soup with the freshest sprouts you can find. Try growing your own in a manual or automatic sprouter.  For best result make sure that you buy organic foods


The reason you should pack a green soup like this is because studies have shown that it is very healthy and very restorative if you are sick.    The reason there is a bit of fat from avocadoes and nuts in the meal is so that our gall bladders will digest the vitamins in the vegetables. Without that bit of fat the human body does not retain needed nutrients. Green leaves also boast high quality omega 3 fatty acids.



If there is no fat in this type of recipe you have a green smoothie and not a nourishing green soup.



It is good to have something nourishing on hand while bugging out in case you are hurt, can’t eat or have a problem with radiation sickness.  A soup like this can help heal a damaged thyroid and is very gentle on the digestive system because when we are sick it is a lot easier to digest a simple soup.