Skills Needed in an Apocalypse

If you are a computer analyst or a Gap Greeter you skills may not necessarily be that adaptable to a post-apocalyptic scenario. If you want to be self-sufficient in a disaster then you might want to learn some of the following skills …


Hunting – If you are not a hunter then you may need to learn how to be one in the event of an apocalypse. This might entail learning how to use a gun.


Skinning animals – Whether it is livestock or a wild animal  it is important to know how to butcher meat correctly so that you will not make people sick.


Farming skills – You may be in a position where you need to grow food. This means knowing how to harvest and plant seeds.


Building skills – Building anything from a lean-to to a house is going to be an invaluable skill in the event that everything is destroyed.


Beekeeping – It may be necessary to keep bees alive in order to keep the planet alive in a drastic situation. All life would cease if bees were not on the planet.


Candle making – Batteries do not last forever so you may need to know how to make a source of light.

Animal husbandry – Breeding domestic animals and collecting milk and eggs from them are crucial in a post-apocalyptic society


Alternative fuel creation and conversion – There may be no gasoline in the next brave new world. Instead you may have to rely exclusively on grease fuels. Those who have skills in converting regular cars to grease cars may have an advantage over other survivors.


Food foraging – Being able to identify wild plants as food will become a very valuable skill if the usual food sources are not available


Natural medicine – The ability to identify certain herbs and plants is going to be a definite skill. Taking a course in herbalism or foraging is recommended to assist survival.


Sewing – Mankind will need to be clothed, no matter what happens in the future. Make sure you have a sewing kit on hand. Those who know how to draft patterns to make clothing may be especially in demand.


Shoemakers –  A course in leather working could be very helpful if it came time to make your own shoes or boots or if existing footwear needed  repairing.


Obviously, the more of these skills that you can master, the better off you will be in a disaster scenario. If you do not have some of these skills it might be best for you to start learning them now.