Should You Store Junk Food for Survival?

Many purists say you should not store junk food in your shelter because it is fattening, lacks nourishment and just takes up space. However some survivalists are looking at this issue a little differently by looking at the role that comfort food can play during a disaster.


In a post-collapse environment things may not be as familiar to us. We may have a hard time adjusting to the blandness of a diet based on rice and beans. Furthermore many people might find themselves doing more physical labor.  They might be gardening, chopping woods, hunting, building and running more.  Extra calories might be needed to help people keep going.


Then there is the idea that some people, especially the children and the elderly, may not eat unless there is a treat also offered in the deal. To prevent a child from not eating at all it might be a good idea to have a treat they like stocked up in your shelter.


Candy that can last a long time in a shelter are hard candies, M&Ms, JuJubes, Twizzlers, Gummy Bears and Malted Milk Bars.  Jell-O puddings and jellies that do not need refrigeration might also be a good choice for a sweet treat.


Sweet liquids that can satisfy a sweet tooth include Dr. Pepper, Coke, Root Beer, Orange Crush and other sugary carbonated choices.  Powdered instant cocoa and powdered drinks like Koolaid can also keep a sweet tooth at bay.


Treats that are a bit saltier that can work are beef jerky, peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds and pretzels.  Popcorn is a good treat to store because it is not bulky. The only time it is useless is if you have a lack of fire to cook it up with.  Make sure you have a bit of oil on hand to cook it in and that you are not expecting to cook microwave popcorn on a fire.


Cake mixes that are made with water are a good treat to keep stocked. That way too your family can experience some normality because you can celebrate birthdays.


Junk food also can keep a very long time so it does not make it that bad of a choice to keep in a shelter.  Sad to say but some of the most toxic and sugary treats that are on the shelves might be the ones that are best to stock because they last for years. This includes Little Debbie cakes, Hostess Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, Moon Pies, Oreo Cookies and treats with a lot of artificial flavorings and preservatives.