Interesting Fruit Leather Recipes

If you were stuck in a shelter or bug-out hide out for months, things could get boring. Here are some recipes for fruit leathers that might keep life more exciting if you take them with you or create them in your shelter.



Fruit leathers are tasty and easy to make if you have a dehydrator.  To make all you have to do is puree apples, cinnamon, clove, yogurt and nutmeg in a blender and give it a whirl. Your next step is to spread the mixture in the dehydrator and then when dry, cut it into strips.



Combining chopped fresh strawberries, passion fruit juice or syrup and applesauce in a blender easily makes Passion strawberry roll ups. Spread the mixture, dehydrate and then slice into strips that can be rolled up.



Another unusual flavor is the Chocolate Banana Fruit roll up which is made from a paste of bananas, cocoa powder and brown sugar.



Another dried fruit leather treat is made with Jell-O.  Simply combine apple puree or applesauce with your favorite flavor of Jell-O powder.  This makes brightly colored fret leather that tastes jus tike candy and is very appealing to children.  If your child is stuck in a shelter or on the road a Jell-O roll up might be the perfect way to perk up their day a bit.



If you have dried oranges on hand you can reuse them to make Orange Julius roll-ups.  This treat consists of applesauce mixed with oranges, apples, vanilla and corn syrup.  It is all mixed together and poured onto fruit leather sheets.  The corn syrup gives this recipe a more candy-like texture.



If you want to make a fruit leather that is more adult and exotic in taste try Raw Mango Fruit Leather.  Chop up fresh mango and fresh coconut meat and combine with cayenne, sea salt and cilantro to create fruit leather.  Then cut the sheet into four squares.



An award-winning recipe for adult fruit leather is canned apricots in syrup combined with honey and cinnamon. The result is a slightly tart  fruit leather that is high in Vitamin A.



Another piquant treat is Pineapple Banana fruit leathers. Mash pineapple, bananas and orange peel with lemon juice for a nice flavor combination.  Bananas go well with many other fruits to make leathers including blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, raspberry and blackberry.



One tip is that the thinner you can make the strips the easier they are to roll up into and eat like candy.